Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Want to learn to program?

If you enjoy problem solving, pattern recognition, and you're good at figuring out complex things on your own, then maybe you have a chance as a programmer.  However, before you get too excited, read the link to the interesting post...

I found this post very interesting.  I have a friend that was a programmer and has taught several computer science classes, and I ran this article by him for his opinion and he said, "Yeah, that's about right..."  :)  The verdict is perhaps still out on this one, but I would be very interested in learning of other educator's experiences as it pertains to pupils learning programming.

BTW, if you couldn't figure out what post I was talking about you shouldn't be a programmer...

Effort and motivation play a big role in it obviously, but it takes more than that.  If you took me at the age of sixteen and said, "Sonny, some day your going to be a programmer, so get to studying."  I would have laughed and told you it was more likely that I'd be a janitor.  I didn't particularly like math or typing class, but I loved language arts, wood shop, and agriculture.  I did like computer aided drafting, so got my first real technical challenges when learning CAD.  In CAD, if you could write a few lines of Lisp, you could make new line-types,  From there I moved into geographical information systems. If you could write a few lines of Python, then you could automate lots of repetitive routine geospatial data related tasks.  Along the way I did some sys admin work, picking up a little about the command line, writing batch files and Group Policy.

What I didn't realize, was that type of a background provided me with a very easy step into the world of programming.  Basically, all my previous experience taught me how to use Google as a problem solving aid.

All joking aside, I do wish that someone would have shown me how programming can be fun, when I was say, ten or eleven.  What an advantage that would have been!  So, all of you out there that want to get started programming, or what to get a child started, check out pluralsight courses for kids.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Ubuntu Edge

Help raise $32,000,000 for a cutting edge cell phone that doubles as a desktop.
"Basic Facts
Exclusive to Indiegogo backers. The Edge will NOT be available to buy at launch.
Specs to be finalised as late as possible to ensure the best available components.
Dual-boots into Ubuntu mobile OS and Android; converts into a full desktop PC.
Works with LTE and GSM networks, including Verizon and Sprint.
Perks include all charges for US and UK, including VAT and delivery.
Standard manufacturer warranty will apply once manufacturer is selected.
Zero cost to backers if the campaign is unsuccessful."

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Firefox OS Demo

Coming to Spain July 2nd. I wonder what the average monthly data used by a phone running Firefox OS will be?